BTS – Makeup Photos from On-Set Steve Acevedo’s Short for SXSW 2010

9 09 2009
Me in the trenches...Makeup Artist -ing my way to VICTORY!

Me in the trenches...Makeup Artist -ing my way to VICTORY!

BTS - Table for Two

BTS - Table for Two

Just wrapped our first day of shooting for Steve Acevedo’s Remember our reggae night in Florida?  You never call me anymore., a short in a series debuting in the 2010 SXSW film festival.  We did a somewhat smokey eye with sultry, red lips for the sparkling Marissa (Zoe Simpson), and simply guilded the dashing visage of Alex (Ignacio Serricchio).  Here are some pics from behind the scenes.  Enjoy!

BTS - This is what it looks like.

BTS - This is what it looks like.

More BTS

More BTS


Project 365; Day 29: Al & Bernie raised me. Awesome 40s Hair and Makeup, Right?

7 09 2009
Al & Bernie raised me. Awesome 40s Hair and Makeup, Right?

Al & Bernie raised me. Awesome 40s Hair and Makeup, Right?

Project 365; Day 25: Un Palette d’ Makeup

3 09 2009
Un Palette d' Makeup

Un Palette d' Makeup

Makeup Sketches for Upcoming Movie Short

2 09 2009
Girl in a Coma Music Video - Say

Girl in a Coma Music Video - Say

Working on a short film by the talented Steve Acevedo, and – without disclosing any of the details – I thought I’d toss up a few quick sketches I did for basic makeup ideas.  Also pulled a few samples from the morgue (that’s a book of makeup references, not a storage unit for cadavers, dog).

I’ll toss up some photos and makeup sheets, along with some vicious surprises…!

In the meantime, check out some sweet Girl In A Coma vids, cin-eh-mat-0-graphed by The Fabulous Steve Acevedo!!

I got artistic with the framing for this Girl in a Coma Music Video

I got artistic with the framing for this Girl in a Coma Music Video

Oh – and, if you really loved me…Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is… Ya wanna wear my class ring?

Click through to see my sket-chez… Read the rest of this entry »

Persuasion is Power. Over Others and Over Self.

31 08 2009
seth godin's BLOG

seth godin's BLOG

Seth Godin posted such a powerfully truthful blog the other day, that I feel compelled to share it here.

The basic idea can be summed up in this quote:

“It’s easy to fit in by yelling out, and far more difficult to actually read and consider the facts. Anytime you hear, ‘I don’t have the time to understand this issue, I’m too busy being upset,’ you know that something is wrong.”

But, by all means, click through and read the whole post.

Jackie-O Shoot: Scene and Makeup Sketches

23 08 2009

jackieoHey guys – working with Mr. Chad J. Wilson on a Jackie-O project, and thought I’d throw up some the sketches to let you guys in BTS (behind the scenes, yo).

Chad has a fascination with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and we wanted to do something different from a lot of the portraits we’ve seen.  We decided to take an “off-camera” (or BTS if you want to use the abbreviation of the day) approach with this project, exploring the more human perspective of Jackie-O, seeing her in her more vulnerable moments, private moments – a kind of moment we all know.  Not only was she in the spotlight as the First Lady and wife of an American Icon, but she had to deal with a rough day-to-day of rumored affairs and typical marital struggles.  On top of this, she survived the loss of three children (one miscarriage, one stillbirth, and one baby boy who survived only two days), and, of course, the very public assassination of her husband.  It goes without saying that she definitely had a lot to think about during those quiet moments.

We are in the midst of getting all of the pieces together, and I had a few rough sketches that I hope will help convey some of the scenes that we are trying to depict.

Jackie-O makeup005

This is a basic rough of the makeup that we are planning, though the scanning process messed with the color a bit.  Starting from the top, we have, of course, the classic Jackie O brows, underlined by some sculpting to help the model’s eyes look a bit more deeply-set like Jackie’s.  Then, where you see the small “H’s,” we will subtly highlight the inner and outer brow and cheek to help pull that area forward, creating the wide shape of Jackie’s brow and eyes.  Lay on some basic apricot shadow, blush, and matte lipstick, finish with some strip eyelashes, liner to round out the eyes, et viola!  Jackie-O!

JackieO004 To the left we have a rough sketch of one of my initial ideas.  Being in the public eye, Jackie often had to keep up appearances, hosting and attending social gatherings throughout all of her struggles.  I love the idea of her stepping away from the party into a quiet room to put her head in her hands while cigarette smoke settles in around her.  You’ll see this theme repeated often in this story.  The main room will ideally be lit somewhat dimly and warmly (tungsten), with a blue, moon-like glow (maybe some Kinos or a strobe flash) coming from the back room (left of center), silhouetting Jackie in her chair.

“A” represents the woman whose face we see in the bottom left and whose shoulder we look over to see woman “B,” whose line of sight will lead us toward the room where Jackie resides.  Here are CU (close up)’s of each of the two women: JackieO002JackieO001

This next image is another party scene, only this time, instead of being in the back room, she sits in plain sight, lost in thought.  The dotted lines separate different scenes (from top right clockwise): standing in front of a window, lost in thought, baby room in background – then, through the window looking back in.  The lower picture is her with the kids in a hotel room, lit mainly by a warm, tungsten bedside lamp directing the viewer to her, and receding into darkness with toys scattered on the floor.


Starting from left to right, we have an OTS (over the shoulder – I think just made that one up…!) shot of Jackie staring at herself in the bathroom mirror, preferably topless to enhance the honesty and vulnerability of the moment.  Top center is just a profile shot, next down is a CU of her face as she lays on her back, eyes closed, tears smearing down her temple, 3rd down is a CU of her mouth with tears smearing down, and finally a profile of the same situation.  The far right picture is her sitting in the window room again, nursery over shoulder.


So what do you guys think?!  Does it inspire any ideas in your mind’s eye?  What does it remind you of?  What else would you like to see?  Any requests for future stories?  Hit me up!  Let me know!  I love hearing from you guys…

….I don’t want to rush things, but maybe we could consider starting something up…??

Sunken Ships, Luscious Lips, and Pure, Unadulterated Terror

22 06 2009
It was going for my ankles.  I swear.

It was going for my ankles. I swear.

We drove through open fields and open skies to the surprisingly windy coast of Corpus Christie.  Without wanting to give away one of my new favorite places, wow.  This town is almost post-apocalyptic in its level of desolation – yet it has that feel of almost being abandoned yesterday.  I just couldn’t get enough of it, and I’d really love to know the history of it (surprise, surprise…).

Our first location was a long-abandoned and half-sunken boat.  It looked like something from a Judy Garland movie, all kinds of 40’s trim and broken ghosts of once brightly colored paint, shaking off into the wind.  We dolled Jeanette up with some natural shimmer, a pair of pasties and nude underwear, draped the poor girl with plastic seaweed, and convinced her to climb onto the slippery and decrepit old boat.  Pro that she was, Jeanette didn’t miss a beat, and landed (so to speak) shot after shot.  From there we sent her climbing around the old thing, wading out into the water, and rolling around in the sand – the whole time, without a single complaint.

There was this GREAT shot that we really wanted to get of her coming up out of the engine room (almost completely underwater and very dark), but I didn’t want to ask her to climb into this potentially dangerous situation until I had scoped it out myself.  I got about two steps down – just a little over knee-deep in dark, murky water – and I squealed like a pig on fire when something squished and swept away from under my foot.  Considering all of the machinery in that room and the living creatures that we had encountered that day (squishy stair and jumping eel earlier in the day), we decided to forgo that shot for safety, and I guaran-flippin-tee you, I will be having ankle-water phobic nightmares for years to come.

Until then, I will distract myself with anticipation for the arrival of these photos – and I’ll post some as soon as I can!