Latest Fashion Shoot: Katherine Douglass

31 08 2009

Black & White, Natural Makeup - Click through to see more photos and makeup styles.

Graham and I  just did a shoot with the loverly Katherine Douglass – the woman who does not take a bad picture.

With her GORGEOUS cheek bones and piercing eyes, I could not have asked for a more tempting canvas – she looks like Pocahontas and Kiera Knightley all at the same time.  Katherine moved flawlessly and nailed pose after pose, transversing the spectrum from simple, clean Calvin Klein ads to trashy Terry Richardson poses on posts, to a specific pose that reminded me of Alison Mosshart from The Kills.

I Love Alison Mosshart from The Kills.

For her first look, we went au natural, Calvin Klein style.  As the changes went on, things got a little darker, and we smeared the eye-gloss on and painted heavy-rimmed eyes – one of my favorite looks.

Which one’s your favorite?  What other styles/genres would you like to see?  Taking requests for tutorials now, so feel free to hit me up!

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Oh!  In the meantime, click through to see the rest of the pics!


Black & White, Natural Makeup


Sloppy Eyes, After-Party Makeup


Darker Eye Makeup, Glossy Eyeshadow


Double Take: Dark, shiny eye makeup


California: Dark and shiny eye makeup


Alison. Mosshart. Lookalike.




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