19 08 2009


The fabulous Chad J. Wilson inspired me to play around with some Jackie-O styles, which turned into quite a delightful project.  You’ll have to forgive the redundancy of the model – I am my most available subject for experimenting and exploring new styles, what’re ya gonna do?

The hair was a super-simple tuck, easily improved by adding a few more tucks in that back layer.  The makeup was some simple reshaping and, of course, emphasizing the brows.  More thorough tutorials will commence in a few months, and I will be sure to include this one AND get some new faces for you guys.  In the meantime, just thought I’d share my latest experiment – enjoy!

The questions have started to flow in, and I will start answering them this week.  Give me a shout with your questions – I’d love to answer them for you!

Looking forward to it…!




4 responses

19 08 2009

I wish you were in Texas so you could give me a tutorial! I haven’t found a makeup look that I like well enough to prefer to none at all…my eyes have a weird powdery effect when I do eyeliner and mascara…what’s that about? I think I just kind of fail at makeup!

19 08 2009

On it. 🙂 I wish we could play too! Lord knows we could use a few more faces in the blog, right? You should send me a hi-rez photo close up of your face with no makeup and let me see if I could give you a makeover in photoshop!

30 08 2009

I’m all about that. I really like my face naked. To be honest a lot of the time I’ll just put some liquid blush (love love love) and lip stain on and leave it at that. I’m kind of in love with Pixi from target right now. I send you picture now? yes? bangs in or out of the way? shoot me a message.

31 08 2009

bang free! and yes – stains are ALL the rage right now… 😉

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