Project 365, Day 4: Clutter

13 08 2009

Day 4




4 responses

17 08 2009

Don’t know why but I am obsessed with Polaroid’s (instant film). Just got myself a Polaroid back for my Hasseldblad and boxes of the Fuji instant film. Just shoot them more as separate image rather then test shots. Want to try out Polaroid film but too expensive for my blood now, maybe when the company that took over will start producing them again.

17 08 2009

Because you are an intelligent and insightful individual with quality sensibilities. Hasseldblad, huh? Just how strange is it that I get a little breathless at your words…Poloroid, Film, Hassledblad – can you blame me?!?

17 08 2009

No i can’t. I really like the old stuff, hope i will be able to use if for years to come. I know sooner or later i’ll have to use digital but hopefully that will only be for work.

21 08 2009

I like to play around with digital, but nothing really compares with film. It just seems to have a depth to it that digital hasn’t quite mastered yet.

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