Reknowned Photographer Dan Winters Speaks at The Art Center in LA.

5 08 2009
Christopher Walkin by Dan Winters

Christopher Walken by Dan Winters

Go see Dan Winters speak if you can.  He’s a very talented and genuine individual, and I love how he pulls from an array of interests to create these subtle but powerful stories.

The Christopher Walken portrait is one of my favs.  Granted, I am quite the fan of Mr. Walken, but I love the implied story here – you feel like you just walked into the middle of something.

In addition to his captivating portraits and engaging compositions, Mr. Winters also has a rather scientific history – specifically with bees.  You should absolutely check out his bee series if you get the chance.  My favorite image is a sort of portrait of a bee’s head, mouth open and tongue out – a delightful expression for such a scientific image.  Not only is the image intriguing, but the amount of work that went into creating this image is dumbfounding.  The whole scene was meticulously created beneath a microscope and using several pins – I believe he said it was over 40 on the tongue alone.

The images that Mr. Winters creates are engaging, to say the least.  Cajoling you into the story by playing on your curiosity and semi-conscious recognition of the pieces that create that story, and inspiring you and using that curiosity and fascination as a spring board to propel you forward.

So check it out – Get inspired and pay it forward!  Share your projects here, and we can all bounce back…

And keep an eye out for Dan Winters’ book where you can see all of the images in print…!




2 responses

5 08 2009

Jess…I love the way you write.

6 08 2009

Thanks Kate! I am really hoping that you do that 365 project – I’d love to see your work! 🙂

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