Maneuvering the Post-Apocalyptic in Style

24 06 2009

So I may have mentioned my new-found love of the ghost town of Corpus, but you only heard about the boat and the beach, and – oh – there is so much more.  We spent all day Sunday roaming the streets of this seemingly forsaken city, feeling overwhelmed by the heat and the possibility.  Then we dragged poor Chelsea out into the heat, forcing her to change in a tiny inferno of a mobile dressing room, and taking her to dozens of abandoned locations to have her sit amidst trash and debris looking “broke-ass” – my favorite look of all.  Some of her high-class compatriots?


Oh yes, we must credit the three rotten opposum corpses – NATCH!  Graham is actually working on the photos as I write this, so hopefully I will have some to share shortly!  ALL FILM, btw – so yeah.  Rockin.




2 responses

24 06 2009

Barring the heat, sounds like you had a pretty good time.


24 06 2009

Always! Plus – secretly – I love the heat…

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