Sunken Ships, Luscious Lips, and Pure, Unadulterated Terror

22 06 2009
It was going for my ankles.  I swear.

It was going for my ankles. I swear.

We drove through open fields and open skies to the surprisingly windy coast of Corpus Christie.  Without wanting to give away one of my new favorite places, wow.  This town is almost post-apocalyptic in its level of desolation – yet it has that feel of almost being abandoned yesterday.  I just couldn’t get enough of it, and I’d really love to know the history of it (surprise, surprise…).

Our first location was a long-abandoned and half-sunken boat.  It looked like something from a Judy Garland movie, all kinds of 40’s trim and broken ghosts of once brightly colored paint, shaking off into the wind.  We dolled Jeanette up with some natural shimmer, a pair of pasties and nude underwear, draped the poor girl with plastic seaweed, and convinced her to climb onto the slippery and decrepit old boat.  Pro that she was, Jeanette didn’t miss a beat, and landed (so to speak) shot after shot.  From there we sent her climbing around the old thing, wading out into the water, and rolling around in the sand – the whole time, without a single complaint.

There was this GREAT shot that we really wanted to get of her coming up out of the engine room (almost completely underwater and very dark), but I didn’t want to ask her to climb into this potentially dangerous situation until I had scoped it out myself.  I got about two steps down – just a little over knee-deep in dark, murky water – and I squealed like a pig on fire when something squished and swept away from under my foot.  Considering all of the machinery in that room and the living creatures that we had encountered that day (squishy stair and jumping eel earlier in the day), we decided to forgo that shot for safety, and I guaran-flippin-tee you, I will be having ankle-water phobic nightmares for years to come.

Until then, I will distract myself with anticipation for the arrival of these photos – and I’ll post some as soon as I can!




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