You, Light up my Face

18 06 2009
Models - Look into the Light!

Models - Look into the Light!

Models – look into the light!

One of the things that I love about makeup and photography is the opportunity they both provide to manipulate and experiment with light.  Highlighting and contouring are obvious basics, and then you add shimmers to the mix, and you’ve got a whole other field of fairy dust to play with.

BUT – As much as I love to bend the light to my will, I – a mere mortal – cannot overpower it.  It’s still up to you, the model, to find that light, feel it on your face, and make the photo shine.

Photographers – you’re not exempt from this lesson.  You shouldn’t be constantly reminding the model to “Find the light, Find the light,” but an occasional redirection when they lose track in their creative stories will help fulfill your quota for photographic direction and ensure that you – we all – get a good image.

There are other areas besides the face that can play with the light, but none with features as powerful as the eyes.  It is imperative that we all work together to let those eyes shine and show off your bone structure – otherwise, the picture is a waste, with no emotional connection or background story.  Those eyes are like your cell phone connection to humanity from the desert island in the picture – don’t lose them, or you lose all communication with your audience!

Added benefits?  If you work it, that squint can make your eyes fierce.  And we all know how the modeling and fashion industry feels about fierce.




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