The Key to Creativity is Continual Learning

11 06 2009

Okay boys and girls....

Be a lifelong learner.

Even if you do something that’s already been done, by studying something and finding connections, you can bring YOUR passion, a depth that others can connect and relate to – AND be inspired by.

Important clarification: studying does not mean memorizing dates and facts – Get LOST in it!

You’ll find yourself naturally drawn to certain topics and then you’ll probably become obsessed and immerse yourself in that topic for awhile.  From that obsession, excitement will follow, a need to act out and put into practice what you have learned – we all learn best by doing, right?  From there, you can explore, experiment, and refine these skills into your trade, be it photography, make-up, modeling poses/energy, writing – what have you.  Once you’ve gotten the knowledge and the experience under your skin, you’ll begin to see it surface in surprisingly creative and subtle ways.

Sure, reading a few books on history and doing a few photoshoots isn’t going to totally revolutionize your style and shoot you to the top of every industry, but, overtime, your knowledge base will improve, and your palette will be all the richer for it.

Besides, life is BORING when we stop learning!!

Another exciting fact?  The digger you deep, the more you find that the ant tunnels of our little worlds are all interconnected.

Pretty cool if you ask me.




2 responses

7 07 2009

Great post!

10 09 2009

Please note: In that last sentence I wrote “the digger you deep.”

I am choosing to leave that Bernie-ism for posterity’s sake. Gotta love the way the human brain works….

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